A cycling campaigner is calling on Cardiff City Council to give greater consideration to cycling infrastructure and related facilities.

Sustainable transport consultant Ian Perry has launched his own website, Cycling Cardiff, which is petitioning Cardiff Council to implement measures to make streets more cycle-friendly, including secure cycle storage outside homes, convenient parking for bikes and segregated cycleways.

This campaign comes after cities such as London and Bristol announced plans to introduce more “Dutch style” cycling infrastructure. Mr Perry wants Cardiff to follow suit and, within two weeks of launching his campaign, the petition has already attracted more than 600 signatures.

A recent poll by YouGov and Roadsafety GB found that 70% of people in Britain support improved cycle provisions and 43% said that segregated cycleways would make them cycle more.

Tom Jones, head of policy at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “While some cities in the UK are introducing new infrastructure with cyclists in mind, we are still falling a long way behind some of our European neighbours when it comes to tackling the problems cyclists face on the road.

“Thompsons Solicitors has supported thousands of cyclists who have been injured on the UK’s roads and has seen first-hand the consequences accidents can have on victims and their families. A better, coordinated commitment to improving UK roadways and investing in cycling safety measures is long overdue.

"The previous government boasted that it invested more in cycling, but its spending still fell well below the £10 per capita target. What's more, the targeting of spending was ill-thought through and, as a result, ineffective for many areas of the country.

“The allocation of national funding should be better thought through to ensure that money is being spent in a way that is most beneficial. It is only then that there will be a reduction in accidents involving cyclists and a move to more people getting on their bikes.”