Cheshire police has issued a warning to motorcyclists that they run the risk of receiving heavy penalties if they speed on Cheshire’s roads, as part of a summer clampdown known as ‘Operation Caesar’.

As part of the motorcycle campaign, Cheshire police has introduced unmarked police bikes that are equipped with four cameras to record the view from the front, rear and side of the bike, as well as the speed it is travelling at.

The Cheshire roads policing team believes that these devices will be particularly effective as the motorbikes look like any other and can record any instances of reckless or dangerous driving. The evidence will then be used to bring charges in court.

The special police motorbikes have already followed and caught one motorcyclist travelling at 120mph in a 60mph zone. The evidence from the on-board cameras led to the motorcyclist receiving a 12 week suspended prison sentence, an 18 month ban, a requirement to take an extended driving test, 100 hours of community service and an order to pay £345 of costs.

Imogen Wetton, a serious injury solicitor based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester office, said: “Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users and so hearing about this level of reckless driving is quite staggering, those actions will have put not only the motorcyclist at risk but the lives of other road users at risk too.

“The use of unmarked bikes and the new filming devices show how seriously Cheshire police is taking dangerous driving and if it reduces poor driving its welcome. It is good to see the Courts responding too with a suitably severe punishment to support the police's activity.

“We would call for funding to be made available to all police forces so that these specially equipped bikes can be used to tackle dangerous driving and make roads safer across the UK.”