More people are killed on Britain’s roads in August than any other month of the year, according to road safety campaign group, RoadPeace, who have August as National Road Victim Month.

A number of factors contribute to this deadly statistic including the fact that more children are off school and holidaymakers are driving on unfamiliar roads in the UK.

David Robinson, Chair of RoadPeace North East and a Thompsons solicitor who specialises in serious road traffic accident claims, says: “Put simply, there are more collisions at this time of year because more people are out on the road driving more miles than at any other time of the year.”

Poignantly the UK’s first traffic crash occurred in August in 1896 when Bridget Driscoll was killed on 17 August in Crystal Palace, London.

Statistics can never fully portray the real human tragedies

RoadPeace aims to reduce the danger on UK roads by tackling bad driving and promoting safer streets, as well as campaigning for better support for bereaved families after a collision.

David Robinson adds: “Every day five people are killed on UK roads and one in 75 of us will be bereaved through a road crash at some point in our lives.

“Statistics - however shocking - can never fully portray the real human tragedies that thousands of families face across Britain as a result of fatal road traffic collisions. As lawyers trying to do what we can to support those suffering those consequences we support RoadPeace and anything that highlights the dangers those on the road face.”