A school bus driver who was arrested after a crash, involving a number of children and adults, has been released on bail.

The collision between the bus, carrying passengers and school children, and a heavy goods lorry occurred just before 08.30am on Monday 23 September on the A685 at Grayrigg.

Five ambulances were dispatched to the scene and while no one was seriously injured, six of the 24 children, aged between 11 and 18 years of age were taken to hospital along with four adults.

It is believed that the driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

Helen Williams, a senior road accident solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors said: “Public transport users put their faith in the capability and professionalism of the driver and given the millions of journeys taken every day without incident it’s a well placed faith. However when things do go wrong it is essential that the police investigate and pursue any carelessness to lay down a marker.

“Dangerous driving by anyone is unacceptable but the risks multiply exponentially when that driver is carrying passengers. The fast response from the medical professionals and the Environment Agency, who had to clear a large diesel spillage from the road, prevented this incident escalating but as winter approaches the professionalism of public service drivers is vital if we are to avoid instances like this in future.”