Cyclists are asking for more money to be invested in improving roads in Portsmouth, after it was revealed it is the most dangerous place for cyclists outside of London. 

This comes after Department for Transport statistics revealed that 832 cyclists were injured per one million people in Portsmouth – the worst figures for a UK city, excluding London.

Cycle campaigners claim that the small road improvements being put forward by the council are not enough and more money needs to be spent to fully redesign certain renowned danger spots.

Tom Jones, head of policy at Thompsons Solicitors, commented: “The situation in Portsmouth makes it clear that the need to improve road safety for cyclists is UK wide not one limited to London’s streets.

“Cycling has increased in popularity enormously over the last few years, especially with British Olympics and Tour de France successes, yet apart from waffle and token sums we are not seeing any real fundamental infrastructural improvements.

“There is a great deal more that could be done to protect cyclists on UK roads. The government needs to take a grip and stop passing the buck to cash strapped local authorities. The government could make legislative changes to enhance the safety if cyclists but they are in hock to the motoring lobby. The government could provide proper financial support to local authorities to enable them to bring about real infrastructural change to make roads safer but they are obsessed with their austerity agenda.

“There is also a bigger issue relating to the attitude of some motorists and the culture of road users which needs to be addressed. We have published a series of recommendations which we believe would help reduce the number of cyclists who suffer serious injuries, or, in the worst cases, die, as a result of reckless drivers.”