Cyclists face danger of serious injuries such as brain injury or even death in accidents with HGV’s.

Recently released Department for Transport statistics reveal that cyclists face a very real danger of being seriously injured or killed in accidents involving HGV’s.

Solicitor Henrietta Phillips, who specialises in brain injury compensation claims said: “These statistics are shocking. HGV’s make up about only 5% of traffic in Great Britain but are involved in about 19% of cyclists’ road deaths. HGV drivers need better training to improve their awareness of the risks their vehicles pose to cyclists, and local authorities, especially in big cities like London, need to invest in cycle friendly road layout schemes.”

On busy roads in city and town centres, cyclists are very vulnerable in collisions with HGV’s. Cyclists involved in collisions with HGV’s are more than 8 times as likely to be killed as cyclists in collisions with cars. A high proportion of these accidents happen in London where the volume of traffic and the large number of cyclists increases the risk. Many collisions happen at junctions, especially left turns when HGV drivers may not see a cyclist on their near side. Simple measures such as fitting larger mirrors, bigger windows and in-cab sensors can all make a difference but more injuries will be avoided and lives saved by safer driving.