Daniel Scott Richardson and James Burrows were caught travelling at the excessive speed by a police camera operator on the A19, near Crathorne.

The men in their twenties have both received four-month prison terms, suspended for 18 months, a three-year driving ban, 300 hours of unpaid work and a fine.

David Robinson, Chair of RoadPeace North East and a Thompsons solicitor who specialises in serious road traffic accident claims, said: “Two cars, both driving at dangerously high speeds could have caused a catastrophic road accident.

“Their actions showed no consideration for other road users, or for the potential damage they could have caused themselves, or other motorists. This is macho idiocy at its worst and thank goodness they have been held responsible for their actions.

“At Thompsons Solicitors, we know first-hand the devastating effects road traffic accidents can cause. Speeding isn’t a game on a screen and has real devastating consequences at even a few miles an hour over the limit. If they met some of those dealing with injuries or bereavement for whom we act they would think twice when they get behind a wheel.”