Campaigns in different parts of the UK are united in calling for a reduction in speed limits following a spate of serious accidents.

Town councillors in Newark have renewed their plea to Nottinghamshire County Council to reduce the speed limit in Newark town centre from 40mph to 30mph after a 14 year-old boy suffered injuries after being struck while crossing the road. A campaign has also been launched in London by a bereaved mother to lower speed limits on the capital’s busiest roads after her son was killed when hit by a bus.

Almost all the evidence suggests that lowering speed limits helps to prevent accidents. A recent example is the A38 between Branston and Barton (in name of county) where the speed limit was reduced following a major accident that resulted in two people dying and six others suffering injuries. Since the speed limit was changed, there has been a reduction in accidents and campaigners are now calling for the speed limit to be reduced along the whole of the A38, a road that is traditionally plagued by road traffic accidents.

David Robinson, a specialist road traffic accident solicitor based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Newcastle office, said: “At Thompsons, we are all too familiar with the consequences for individuals and their families following road traffic accidents.

“Reducing speed limits in urban areas and accident black spots is a simple and effective way to reduce accidents. The government must ensure that local authorities have the necessary budgets to implement changes to speed limits and that police forces are properly resourced so that more patrol cars can be on our roads to catch reckless drivers who are looking to speed.”