A new innovative development in cycling safety, in the form of an ‘invisible’ bike helmet, could help to reduce the number of injuries from cycling accidents on Britain’s roads.

Launched in Sweden, the bike helmet is worn like a scarf around the neck, and – like a car airbag - will only inflate on impact. It was developed in response to a Swedish law that made it compulsory for all children under the age of 15 to wear a cycle helmet, which opened a debate on whether helmets should be mandatory for adults too.

According to leading brain injury charity, Headway, the number of cyclist deaths on British roads has increased by 11 per cent over the past three years, with the highest volume of casualties in young teens, aged from 12-15.

A Thompsons Solicitors brain injury specialist, said: “The technology behind this new, invisible helmet is fascinating, and has the potential to significantly improve the safety of cyclists on the road. There has been a negative trend for a number of years where people think it’s ‘un-cool’ to wear a helmet, and this new product could address that issue directly.

“It’s currently in the very early stages of development which means its retail price won’t be affordable to the everyday market yet, but the concept is something to watch.

“Safety for cyclists is paramount, it’s a body and two wheels against a huge amount of metal and anything that stop injuries and therefore reduces brain injuries should be encouraged. We know, from working first-hand with clients and the families of those affected by cycling accidents, just how devastating the consequences can be.”