A 26-year-old cyclist died yesterday (22 June 2015) after being struck by a tipper truck at a busy junction during rush hour in London.

The collision occurred at Bank junction, a notoriously dangerous junction for cyclists.

Eye witnesses said that people tried to free the victim from underneath the wheels of the truck before paramedics arrived on the scene. Paramedics worked to save the woman’s life for 40 minutes, but she died at the scene of severe head injuries.

Yesterday’s fatal accident is the eighth cyclist death in London this year, seven of which have involved lorries.

Charlie Lloyd, spokesman for the London Cycling Campaign, described Bank junction as ‘frightening’ and called for it to be pedestrianised.

Ann-Marie Christie, a personal injury solicitor based in Thompsons Solicitors’ London office, said: “The grim details of this latest fatal cycling collision are a devastating and sombre reminder of the acute dangers cyclists face on London roads every day.

“Bar one, every single fatal cycling collision which has occurred on London roads this year has involved a lorry. While we await the implementation of the well overdue safer lorry scheme in London, the government desperately needs to fund road infrastructure improvements in order to protect vulnerable cyclists from dangerous heavy goods vehicles.

“If the government will not consider the countless calls from cycling safety groups as a justified plea for change, the tragic victims of these entirely avoidable collisions should be motivation enough to improve safety standards and end the spate of cycle accidents and needless loss of life on our roads.”