The first low-level traffic lights, specifically designed for cyclists, have been installed at London cycling black spot, Bow Roundabout.

The new lights repeat signals from the main traffic lights but at a cyclist’s eye level. Following trials in 2013, Transport for London (TfL) said more than 80 per cent of cyclists favoured the use of the signals.

The installation of the lights follows the rising number of cyclist deaths on London’s roads. In November 2013, six cyclists died in the space of two weeks in the capital city.

Tom Jones, head of policy for Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Once again we have half measures. Knowing when the lights change is all very well, however, giving cyclists just a few seconds head start on motorists crossing the same junction doesn’t stop fatal collisions.

“To cross a junction safely, cyclists should not be forced to compete for road space. As the LCC has said, you need lights that give time for cyclists to get ahead.

“Low-level lights have been in use in certain parts of Europe for many years. Lights at cyclists level wouldn’t have stopped the lorry that killed our client X hitting him, they would have quickly met at the same point.

“The new system at Bow Roundabout looks like another one of Boris’s attempts at covering up a problem rather than solving it.”