Campaigners are calling for better protection for cyclists following an increase in the number of serious injuries to cyclists on Lancaster’s roads.

Figures from Lancashire Police, obtained by the Lancaster Guardian, showed that the number of serious injuries increased from four in 2009 to 10 last year. In 2013, two cyclists died on Lancaster’s roads; the first cycle-related fatalities in four years.

Local cycling group, Dynamo, is campaigning for increased numbers of cycle lanes and for cyclists to have permission to use pedestrian zones at certain times of the day.

Tom Jones, head of policy at Thompsons Solicitors, commented: “These worrying stats clearly show that the increase in road traffic accidents involving cyclists is not a trend that’s limited to the streets of London.

“We have dealt with thousands of victims of cycling accidents, many of which could have been avoided if drivers were more considerate on the roads.

“We have long campaigned for better protection for cyclists on UK roads, and it is high time that legislative changes are made, and financial support is given to local authorities to enable them to implement real change.

“We have published recommendations on what should be done to protect cyclists, and firmly believe that these improvements would help to significantly decrease the number of serious injuries and fatalities to cyclists at the hands of irresponsible drivers.”

Click here to read Thompsons’ response to the Transport Committee cycling consultation.