Three motorcyclists were killed on Welsh roads in the space of four hours last Sunday, as experts warn the number of motorcyclist deaths in Wales has reached a seven year high.

A 49 year old man was killed on Sunday morning when his bike hit a minibus in Powys. Two male motorcyclists were later killed on the A470 in separate accidents which occurred just 35 minutes apart.

According to the latest figures, 749 motorcyclists were killed, seriously injured or slightly injured on roads in Wales during 2014. Welsh riders make up just 1% of traffic, but account for 37% of deaths and injuries on the roads. Latest figures show that in 2014, motorcyclists were 77 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on Welsh roads compared with drivers of other vehicles.

The Welsh government has given £180,000 to help motorcyclists improve their skills and awarded £4m to 14 local authority areas to help fund road safety improvement schemes.

Louise Westlake, a serious injury solicitor based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Cardiff office, said: “The tragic accidents which occurred last weekend are a stark reminder of the dangers motorcyclists face every day.

“The rural roads of Wales can be very attractive to motorcyclists, but they can also prove to be difficult to navigate and, in some cases, incredibly dangerous. Motorcyclists must take extra care to ride sensibly on these roads, but other road users must also be extra aware of motorcyclists. It is only by all road users doing this that we will see a reduction in the number of accidents on our roads.”

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