It is understood thick fog has caused 130 collisions on the busy commuter route. Emergency services have been in attendance and the fire brigade has had to cut a number of people out of their vehicles.

David Robinson, Chair of Road Peace North East and a specialist Serious Injuries Lawyer at Thompsons Solicitors, commented: "This is an accident on a horrific scale, and my thoughts are with all those who have been affected. This is another reminder of the need to take extra care when driving in weather extremes, be it snow, rain or, as in this case, fog.”

"Serious road collisions change lives and I wish all involved a speedy recovery back to health. This incident in Kent demonstrates how drivers need to adapt their driving to the conditions, and to increase their vigilance.

“In multi car pile-ups such as this one, the challenge is now to decipher where the responsibilities lie as there were a number of individual incidents. We would encourage anyone involved to make a note now of what they can remember before the impact.”