Scientists in Bristol have developed new technology which will alert bus and lorry drivers that cyclists are riding nearby.

The ’Cycle Eye’, installed on the side of a bus or lorry uses camera sensors and a radar to alert drivers if a cyclist is in their blind spot.

The device was trialled by Transport for London and over three days had a 98.5% success rate at identifying cyclists.

Peter Mulhern, head of serious injury at Thompsons Solicitors, commented: “We have dealt with thousands of victims of road traffic accidents, and we are unfortunately seeing an upward trend in the number of serious injuries involving cyclists.

“If this technology, tested properly does not overload drivers with too many things to check, then it could have a significant impact in reducing the number of accidents involving cyclists.

“However, it is important that the introduction of such technology is not seen as more than a stop gap in a move to real change in the protection of cyclists.

“We have long campaigned for improved cycle safety on UK roads and believe that there is a wider issue involving the culture of road users which needs to be addressed if we are to see a permanent decrease in the number of cyclist serious injuries and fatalities at the hands of irresponsible motorists.”