The National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) has launched its summer drink and drug driving campaign, warning motorists that police will be on heightened alert to spot anyone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and urging drivers to keep drink and drugs off the roads.

To coincide with summer festivities such as barbeques and festivals, police across England and Wales will increase alcohol and drug checks during the summer months. Following the introduction of the new drug drive law in March, this year’s campaign will involve the use of ‘drugalyzer’ tests for the first time.

During 2012, 230 people were killed as a result of drink driving. During last year’s NPPC summer clampdown, 63,688 drivers were breathalysed, with 4,108 drivers failing, refusing or testing positive to drugs or alcohol.

Road safety charity, Brake is supporting the campaign and is asking drivers to pledge ‘not a drop, not a drag’ and avoid consuming any alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel.

David Robinson, a serious injury solicitor who specialises in road traffic accident claims at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Drink or drug driving is incredibly dangerous, and while it is widely classed as unacceptable social behaviour, people are still being killed and seriously injured on our roads by those who think they can get away with it.

“With the summer months come longer evenings, boozy barbeques and the temptation to drink or drug drive. We echo Brake’s message: any consumption of drugs or alcohol, no matter how minimal it may seem, can affect your ability to drive. We implore drivers to avoid consumption of drugs or alcohol at all costs this summer, and always.”