Police forces across Wales will launch a road safety campaign on Friday 25 March 2016, focussing on motorcycle safety and reducing serious injuries and deaths on the roads.

‘Operation Darwen’ is a Wales wide campaign that will run from Easter 2016 through to early autumn this year.

Latest statistics from the Welsh Government, show that during 2014, 282 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured on Welsh roads, compared to 246 in 2013.

In North Wales alone, 80 bikers were killed or seriously injured in 2015 and according to North Wales Police, the region has historically attracted high numbers of motorcyclists due to the challenging nature of the roads. Police in the region will focus on patrolling particularly dangerous routes, and targeting popular meeting spots for biking enthusiasts.

According to road safety charity Think!, motorcyclists represent just 1% of total road traffic, but account for 19% of all road deaths.

David Robinson, a serious injury solicitor at Thompons Solicitors, said: “Statistics tell us that motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in a serious or fatal collision than other road users and programmes such as ‘Operation Darwen’ play an important role in emphasising road safety to minimise motorcyclist fatalities.

“Sadly, the disproportionately high motorcyclist death rate is not an issue exclusive to Wales, and with proper central government resources this should be an initiative across the UK.”