Research carried out by road safety charity, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has revealed that most people believe road safety needs to be a top priority for the next government.

According to the survey of 2,156 people, 52% said that the number of road accidents and casualties for all age groups should be a bigger concern for the next government.

The survey also revealed that 70% of respondents said that the government must take action to reduce the number of potholes on UK roads, while 64% said road maintenance required much more attention.

It is estimated that road crashes cost the UK economy £15.6 billion every year. During 2013, 21,657 people were seriously injured on UK roads, and there were 1,713 road deaths.

David Robinson, a senior serious injury solicitor who specialises in road traffic accident claims, said: “The research from the IAM confirms what we all know, that there is much more that needs to be done to improve the condition of our roads and that would, in turn, help to improve road safety.

“The latest statistics show that more than 1,700 people lost their lives on our roads in 2013. The bare statistic hides the human tragedy and devastation for those left behind or caught up in every one of those accidents, but what it shows without doubt is that road safety needs to be a bigger priority for the next government.

“Over the last five years there has been insufficient funding for road safety. This desperately needs to be addressed and there needs to be a long term plan for improving UK road safety standards or else the needless loss of life and suffering caused by serious and fatal road traffic accidents will continue to blight too many families across the UK.”