Road safety charity Brake has reiterated its plea to politicians, calling for all political parties to commit to putting the clocks forward an hour year round in a bid to maximise the amount of available daylight and reduce road deaths and serious injuries.

Moving the clocks forward to GMT+1 in winter and GMT+2 in summer would result in lighter evenings and more available daylight hours, making roads safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Brake estimates that moving the clocks would prevent 80 road deaths and hundreds of serious injuries every year, saving the NHS £138 million. Changing the clocks would also result in other benefits, including a lesser need for artificial light in the evenings which would reduce the amount of energy consumed, as well as encourage people to live active, healthier lifestyles.

David Robinson, a serious injury solicitor who specialises in road traffic accident claims, said: “Brake is advocating a simple change which could make a tangible difference to the safety of Britain’s road users.

“We see first-hand the devastating consequences of injuries on the road through our work with victims of serious road traffic collisions.

“Anything that would safeguard all road users should be given serious consideration by politicians particularly if, in doing so, we can reduce loss of life on UK roads and spare families the misery of grieving for a loved one."