A man who was hit by a car when on his motorbike has secured significant compensation with the support of Thompsons Solicitors. The news comes as road safety charity, Brake, encourage road users to ‘look out for each other’ as part of 2014 Road Safety Week, running until the 23rd November.

Marc, aged 26, was on his motorbike near his home in Castleton near Newport South Wales, when a van pulled across to overtake and came directly into his lane causing a head on collision.

The force of the collision caused severe injuries including a broken spine and has left Marc suffering from complete paraplegia. He has undergone extensive hospital treatment and continues to have regular appointments, rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions.

Marc explains: “The accident was extremely frightening and the injuries have had an unimaginable impact on my life and that of my close friends and family - particularly my wife. I am now fully wheelchair bound and there’s just so much that I now cannot do.

The hardest part is knowing that I will never walk again

“Having graduated in Motorcycle Engineering, I am now unable to work and live for my passion. I cannot thank Thompsons enough for their support in helping to ease the pressures that have come with all this.

“The hardest part is knowing that I will never walk again because of an accident that could so easily have been avoided.”

Anthony Welsh a Serious Injury Solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors’ Cardiff branch, said: “While Marc’s injuries were exceptionally serious and will continue to have an enormous impact on his life, we could very easily have been dealing with a fatality here. Our main focus was always to ensure maximum compensation that recognises Marc's life was changed beyond recognition by this dreadful accident and to alleviate some of the massive knock-on-effects as well as his long term needs.”

The 2014 Road Safety Week campaign asks road users to consider the vulnerability of people on the roads because 'being selfish can easily lead to tragedy’. People are urged to protect one another in a bid to reduce the number of road traffic collisions, serious injuries and fatalities on UK roads. Drivers are called upon to slow down to 20mph in communities and take extra care on bends and junctions.

Urgent investment in infrastructure & education needed

According to the Department for Transport, 1,713 people were killed on Britain’s roads during 2013 and the total number of casualties reported to the police was 183,670. Whilst cyclist fatalities have fallen by 14% since the year 2000, car occupant fatalities have fallen by 46% during the same period. The number of cyclist fatalities has fluctuated in the last six years.

Anthony Welsh continued: “Marc’s accident, like so many that happen on our roads every year, could have been avoided had the driver who hit him been paying proper attention to other road users. This is why Brake’s call on road users to ‘look out for each other’ carries such resonance.

“It is clear that there is a still a great deal more that could be done to reduce the unacceptable numbers of people injured or killed each year on UK roads. The government can't just rely on charities to fill the gap and must look urgently at further investment in road safety infrastructure as well as education schemes to change drivers’ attitudes to one another.”