"…I was driving an ambulance to an emergency and went on the outside of two lanes of cars waiting at traffic lights.

When I did so, my way ahead was clear.

But a driver suddenly pulled out from the outside line of waiting cars, forcing me to swerve hard to the right to avoid him and we crashed into some railings with considerable impact.

The ambulance was a write-off.

The engine had caught fire, there was a lot of smoke, the doors of the ambulance were jammed and I even had trouble getting free of my seat belt.

We had to escape through the back of the ambulance.

I was taken to casualty.

Eventually, after scans, it was decided I needed an operation on my right shoulder and that was done 3 years ago.

But considerable pain remained and still does to this day.

My union representative suggested I make a personal injury claim and put me in touch with Thompsons, who are solicitors who act for my union in such claims.