On the 18th of April the 64-year-old woman from Tamworth was sitting on a bench outside the hospital, when a vehicle collided with the WH Smith kiosk, which forms part of a foyer area in a treatment centre.

She was treated at the hospital for a head injury, but was later transferred to the major trauma centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where she was taken to the operating theatre for specialist care.

The 83-year-old driver and a 56-year-old woman passenger sustained minor injuries in the collision.

Peter Mulhern, a solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors’ Serious Injuries Team said: “Head injuries can result in lifelong physical, cognitive, or psychological impairments. We know from the cases we deal with on a daily basis that rapid and specialist care is often the key to a full recovery. This innocent bystander was on the one hand in the wrong place in that she got hit but in another sense in the right place for the emergency services to move into action.