Headway Preston & Chorley launched the start of Action for Brain Injury Week with an exhibition of art at Royal Preston Hospital on Monday 9 May 2011.

The art exhibition called ‘After Brain Injury – Land and Sea’ is a gallery of paintings by individuals who have been affected by an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), either personally or as a family member coming to terms with life after brain injury.

The art workshops took place at the Preston Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (NRU), which is part of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Headway Preston & Chorley

It was a project by Headway Preston & Chorley and led by parents Roy and Pennie Drinkall. Headway, the brain injury association, is a charity that gives help and support to those affected by brain injury.

The sessions gave participants the opportunity to communicate, socialise and use motor skills, all of which can become damaged through acquiring a brain injury.

Dr David Shakespeare, Consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “One of the key goals of rehabilitation is to help the brain injury survivors reclaim their sense of identity and control over their life. Art therapy workshops can be a powerful tool to foster this, and we are grateful to Headway Preston and Chorley for making this available to our patients.”

Serious injury solicitor from Thompsons Solicitors spoke at the launch

Imogen Wetton, serious injury solicitor from Thompsons Solicitors spoke at the launch alongside Stuart Heys, Chair of the Trust. Imogen is an active Committee member of Headway Preston & Chorley.

Imogen said: “Opportunities to participate in the arts should be open to all. It is a basic human need to express who we are in relation to our culture, our identity and our community.

Individuals with ABI and family members can experience significant cognitive, physical and social barriers to self expression. If you or a family member has a brain injury you may also feel an overwhelming sense of having lost touch with your past self, your community and identity. Headway Preston & Chorley would like to thank all those involved in the project – especially the artists. The Land and Sea Exhibition demonstrates how a therapeutic and supportive environment can provide a real opportunity for self expression and reconnection – as well as some inspirational art!”