Brain injuries can affect anyone, but it can be particularly prevalent amongst children and young adults. David Robinson, specialist brain injuries solicitor at national firm Thompsons Solicitors, is working with partner groups to help raise awareness amongst school children as to the particular dangers of not wearing cycle helmets.

David is Secretary of Headway Teesside, a charity which supports those who have suffered brain injuries, and is working with the national arm of Headway and the Child Brain Injury Trust, to deliver presentations to children at Ian Ramsey School, Stockton on Tees.

Approximately 17,000 cyclists killed or injured in reported accidents each year

David is a Governor at the school and explained: “This summer many children will be enjoying the (hopefully) good weather and will be riding their bikes in and around local roads. However, many will do so without wearing a helmet. There are approximately 17,000 cyclists killed or injured in reported accidents each year. One of the biggest dangers is head and brain injuries caused by cyclists falling or being knocked off their bikes”.

David goes on to say: “The presentations being delivered aim to raise awareness as to the dangers of not wearing a cycle helmet, and to encourage pupils to wear one when ever they are on the roads. Hopefully the message, through a few demonstrations involving smashed eggs, will hit home with many of them!”.