Launched this month by Headway Preston and Chorley, the ‘Think aHead for a safe night out’ campaign is aimed at helping to reduce instances of traumatic brain injury during the winter months.

The festive season particularly goes hand in hand with overindulgence but it can lead to drunk and disorderly behaviour, and in the worst cases assaults. While in many cases victims are in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is also important to take measures to avoid becoming involved in violent situations which can lead to minor or serious injuries.

Headway Preston and Chorley, is advising that, to best ensure a safe night out, you should:

  • Keep ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers in your phone;
  • Keep spare money in a safe place
  • Remember your door keys
  • Drink sensibly
  • Walk away from confrontation
  • If you are in trouble alert the police, a doorman or bar staff
  • Pre-book a taxi or lift home.

Senior serious injury solicitor, and trustee of Headway Preston and Chorley, Imogen Wetton said: “A head or brain injury can change someone’s life in an instant.

“Education is integral to helping prevent a serious injury and this campaign aims to outline the very simple ways people can prevent themselves from getting into a vulnerable situation on a night out.

“If this campaign means people take time to think about the possibility of sustaining a serious head injury on a night out, and follow these simple precautions, we will have achieved a great deal.”

is a UK wide charity which provides support, services and information to victims of acquired brain injury. The charity is run via a network of more than 100 groups and branches based across the UK.