A 29 year old British woman has received what is being hailed as the world’s most life-like bionic hand.

Nicky Ashwell was born without a right hand and has previously worn a cosmetic prosthetic with no function. Ms Ashwell’s new prosthetic limb, developed by prosthetic experts Steeper, is based on an accurate skeletal structure and uses technology that is said to deliver an ‘unrivalled level of precision and natural movements’.

The bionic hand was specifically designed for women and teenagers. It weighs just 390g but can handle weight of up to 45kg.

The new prosthesis has allowed Ms Ashwell to ride a bike, lift weights, hold cutlery and carry out everyday tasks which she was previously unable to do.

This development follows a series of recent technological prosthetic advancements including a bionic foot unveiled last week which feels sensation.

Imogen Wetton, a serious injury solicitor based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester office, said: “Prosthetic technology has developed rapidly and advanced bionic limbs offer new possibilities for people who have undergone an amputation following a serious injury, as well as for people like Nicky who are born without limbs.

“Losing a limb can change a life in an instant and patients often face long and intensive rehabilitation following an accident. This new technology is a lifeline for amputees, offering them the opportunity to enhance their lifestyle and regain their independence."