A company has this week been successfully prosecuted following an accident which caused significant head injuries to one of its employees.

A maintenance engineer from H&E Knowles (Lye) Limited was repairing a press when without any warning it started to operate, crushing the engineer’s head. The engineer is described as having sustained multiple and serious head injuries, as well as muscular damage to his left arm and neck injuries.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the accident and found that the machine had a faulty interlocking guard. It proceeded with a criminal prosecution in the magistrates’ court where the company pleaded guilty and was fined £18,000.00 plus costs.

David Robinson, a specialist head injury solicitor at national firm Thompsons Solicitors, comments: “This was a faulty guard injury; the employee would have been caught totally unawares. With the Government pushing for a relaxation in spot inspections and downgrading the importance of health and safety generally we fear there will be an increase in the number of serious injuries such as this.”