Brain injury charity, Headway has partnered with Thompsons Solicitors to develop an infographic to help provide insight into the experiences of brain injury survivors and their families of navigating the welfare benefits system.

The infographic (pictured and available to download below) is based on feedback from a focus group held at Headway’s annual ‘The Way Ahead Conference’, which took place on   03 – 05 July 2015 in Staffordshire. The feedback suggests that brain injury survivors often find the benefits assessment process difficult and that few benefits assessors have knowledge of the issues brain injury survivors face.


The findings of the focus group support previous research conducted by Headway earlier this year that showed 81% of people believed that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) did not take brain injury into account, and only 25% of respondents felt that they were treated fairly.

Paul Brown, a senior serious injury solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors and secretary for Headway Wearside, said: “Welfare support is a fundamental right however the infographic and research suggests the ability to obtain benefits post injury is a challenge for many brain injury survivors. While we strive to ensure our clients receive the compensation they require to ensure that their immediate and long-term needs are met, it is also vital that the welfare system supports brain injury survivors.

“In most cases a brain injury can prove to be life-changing and individuals may require adaptations to their home or car and they may not be able to work because of their injury. Welfare assessments need to take into account cognitive and physical disabilities to ensure that brain injury survivors are provided with the proper support they require.”