In March 2010 members of Headway Bradford sought to persuade Bradford Council to establish a rehabilitation unit for individuals who had suffered brain injuries. Such a unit would not only provide care from specialist trained brain injury nurses and doctors, but it would also seek to support family members and carers too.

The Council is reported to have been working with the voluntary sector and with the health services to improve services for those suffering with brain injury for the last year, but following a meeting of the Council it has been stated that as a result of the current financial climate the option for a dedicated rehabilitation brain injury unit is not currently practical or viable.

This is devastating news. Samantha Hemsley, a specialist brain injury solicitor who works for Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Bradford is in desperate need of specialist services to support those individuals who have suffered a brain injury. These brain injury survivors will continue to be at a disadvantage until rehabilitation services and support are brought closer to them.”