The boys were on a ride called the ‘Mega Bounce Frog Ride’ when one of the carriages on the ride flipped over. One boy was trapped and the other was thrown out of the ride and onto the ground.

Serious injuries from fairground accident

Paramedics were called after the accident and the boys received medical attention.

One of the boys was seriously injured in the accident and is in intensive care after undergoing surgery in hospital. He suffered chest injuries, broken ribs and a broken arm.

The Health and Safety Executive is currently investigating. The ride in question has been removed from the park and is being examined to find out why it failed.

Allison Fitchett from Thompsons Solicitors’ Serious Injuries Team said “During the summer months we always see an increase in the amount of people contacting us about injuries at funfairs and amusement parks. The HSE should hopefully discover what went wrong in this case and use that information to prevent similar accidents happening in the future. Given the nature of some of the rides which increasingly 'push the limit' owners and operators of funfairs and amusement parks must never be complacent where health and safety is concerned as accidents can be catastrophic. Regular inspection and maintainance to the highest of standards is essential".