A Deputy may be required when an individual suffers loss of mental capacity and can no longer make decisions relating to their property and financial affairs or health and welfare.

Peter Mulhern, head of serious injury at Thompsons, said: “We have over the years worked with many clients that have lost mental capacity as a result of a brain injury, and have helped those clients and their families where it is necessary for a Deputy to be appointed.

"The new Deputyship service at Thompsons means that the process of help is more direct and more immediate. Our court of Protection Deputyship team is made up of specialist litigation solicitors and expert private client solicitors who will work closely with the lawyers running the case to provide families with a seamless service and the reassurance that the most important decisions about their financial affairs are being properly taken care of.

“We hope this new service will assist families who are struggling to deal with a huge number of complex issues at a very demanding time to focus on the care and rehabilitation of their relative, giving them the peace of mind that they have an experienced and compassionate team looking after all aspects of their legal affairs.

“We are proud to stand up for individuals and their families and never working for insurance companies. We know where we stand and having this service puts us in a position to be able to offer support to people for life, not just during their compensation claim.”

To find out more about Thompsons’ Deputyship service please contact Peter Mulhern on 0121 262 1200 or email PeterMulhern@thompsons.law.co.uk.