On the 2nd November 2010 residents in the Irlam area of Salford were woken by a blast that destroyed homes and left 15 people injured. One year on the investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) continues to gather evidence

Pensioner Marie Burns lived in a City West Housing Trust property the kitchen of which had recently been refurbished. On the day of the incident she was making porridge for her breakfast when her cooker exploded. The blast ripped through her home and destroyed three others.

Marie was found in a serious condition in her garden with her clothes burnt away. Other residents including children were trapped beneath rubble and sustained injuries from flying debris.

Suffered 30% burns

Marie, 74, suffered 30% burns to her body. She has required extensive treatment and has been left with physical and emotional scarring.

One year on the residents on the estate are still waiting for the destroyed and damaged homes to be rebuilt.

Imogen Wetton, a solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors’ Serious Injuries Unit said: “The HSE are very thorough and will no doubt get to the bottom of what caused this horrific blast but a year on the residents are understandably wondering why it is taking so long. Mrs Burns meanwhile is still recovering from what is in our experience one of the nastiest types of injuries to treat and recover from, few ever do fully. I wish her the best with what will no doubt be a prolonged recovery.”