A Health and Safety Executive investigation into a fall suffered by a roofer from Darlington last year employed by local firm, J Wilson Home Improvements has led to them being fined £12,000.00 plus £3,000.00 costs.

The HSE found that the manner in which the roofer, who sustained a serious brain injury when he fell, was required to undertake the work was unsafe.

Local specialist brain injury solicitor David Robinson commented on the case: “Workplace falls are a significant risk especially in the construction industry and often lead to serious injury including brain injuries as here. It's commonsense to have sufficient safeguards in place but too often there is a cavalier attitude to safety and it is seen as a burden, an attitude that the current government is encouraging”.

“It's a long road to recovery from brain damage and whilst the employer may be able to pick up and start again this man and his family will be going through the daily challenges that a brain injury can bring. The effects can include increased fatigue, memory problems and behavioural changes. The key, if it is possible is to obtain the right support and rehabilitation package at an early stage”.