Washington and Sunderland West MP, Sharon Hodgson will be highlighting the dangers of cycling without a helmet during a visit to Biddick School Sports College on Friday, November 23, 2012.

Ms Hodgson will be talking to pupils about the importance of wearing cycle helmets to avoid brain injury in the event of an accident.

Her talk comes during BRAKE Road Safety Week and is an opportunity for campaigners to highlight the dangers of riding a bike without a helmet.

During her visit at the school Ms Hodgson will hand out 30 cycle helmets, donated by Headway Wearside.

Mrs Hodgson said: "Many teenagers use bikes to get around, so it is crucial that they protect themselves; wearing a helmet is the single best way of ensuring that any accidents don’t result in long-term injuries or even worse.

“I am delighted that Headway and Thompson's have joined forces to donate potentially life-saving helmets to the young people of Biddick School."

Serious injuries solicitor at Thompsons Solictors

Also attending the school visit will be a brain injury specialist from Thompsons Solicitors, as well as Miranda Barty-Taylor from the Child Brain Injury Trust.

The Thompsons specialist said: "At Headway I have seen first hand the devastating effects of brain injury.

"We believe that all cyclists should wear helmets - particularly young people who do not possess the insight or experience of adults and are therefore more vulnerable on the roads.

"It is by undertaking awareness campaigns such as this, in partnership with the school, which will hopefully reduce the amount of brain injuries and fatalities on our roads."

Miranda Barty-Taylor at the Child Brain Injury Trust said: "We are grateful to Ms Hodgson for her support in this campaign and for helping young people locally to see how important it is to wear a cycle helmet."

Sharon Hodgson MP will be attending Biddick School, Biddick Lane, Washington at 9.15am on Friday, November 23, 2012.