The result of the surgery and the intensive physiotherapy which followed is that the man now has some movement in his hands and arms enabling him to hold objects, feed himself and also write to some degree.

The 71 year old man was left a quadriplegic after his spinal cord was severed at the very top of his back (the bottom of his neck) in a road traffic accident.

The revolutionary operation has been reported by the press worldwide and is providing hope to others in a similar condition.

The ‘nerve transfer’ involved surgeons removing a healthy nerve from the upper arm above the level of the paralysis and transferring it to the lower arm. This surgery would appear at present only to be an option for those who have suffered a spinal cord injury low enough down the spine for there to be healthy working nerves above the injury site.

Rehabilitation after Serious Injuries

At Thompsons Solicitors we have teams of expert Solicitors who help those seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence make claims for compensation.

Mick Laffey a senior serious injury solicitor in our South Shields branch commented on this story saying “This surgery was life-changing for the man involved and it may inspire surgeons around the world to consider a similar procedure for patients they see with similar injuries.

At Thompsons Solicitors we see our mission as not only helping our seriously injured clients to recover the maximum compensation for their injuries but we also become involved in seeking the very best rehabilitation for them. Our engagement in the client’s whole recovery means that we will often look at the cutting edge of medicine to look at possible surgical options or aids and equipment which allow our clients to have the very best recovery and outcomes from their serious injuries.”