The government has decided to permit the restoration of any limited company to the register regardless of the time that has elapsed since it was dissolved. It will enable claimants to restore a number of companies for which we know that employers liability insurance exists but which we have been unable to restore because of the statutory bar.

How quickly can we recover damages?

In a recent mesothelioma case, the claimant was diagnosed with a mesothelioma in April 2008. He had worked for one main employer from 1963 to 1990. We were instructed by him on 29 April 2008 and his claim settled within 10 weeks of his contacting us for £147,000.

Big award on CICAP appeal

The client suffered a serious head injury and required significant future care and accommodation costs. There was a question as to how much additional care the local authority would provide, because they did not want to commit themselves and because the family was providing the bulk of the care. The panel did not take the attitude that the local authority might be prepared to provide additional care so would not award for family’s gratuitous care.

We had a very helpful report from Tessa Gough with whom CICAP were very impressed. The chair took the unusual step of asking to hear from the advocate first as to what was accepted from Tessa Gough’s report. Once it was clear that the care claim was accepted at £400,000 he did not need to adjudicate further as it was clear that the total award would exceed the cap of £500,000 which was the amount awarded. We were also awarded the cost of Tessa Gough’s care report.