Court fees

As of April 2006, fees for claim forms where the claim is limited to £1,000 is now £80, up to £5,000 is £120, up to £15,000 is £250, up to £50,000 – £400 and up to £100,000 – £700, rising up to £1,700.

The fee for the allocation questionnaire is £100 and trial fees are £500 in multi-track cases and £275 in other cases, excluding cases in the small claims track.

An application on notice is £65 and an application for a summons or order for a witness to attend is £35. To apply by consent or without notice with judgement or order is £35 but this does not include requests for judgment on admission or in default for which no fee is payable.


On 3 April 2006, CICAP became part of the new Tribunals Service so that they are now subject to a common administrative system under the Department of Constitutional Affairs. During the transition, CICAP will continue business as usual and the procedures will remain the same, although their logo will change.