The claimant was cycling through Tottenham Cemetery. The defendant driving a car turned into the path of the claimant's bicycle and hit the front of it throwing the claimant forward onto the bonnet of the car. He landed on his shoulder and then fell backwards partly onto his bicycle. He suffered injuries to his left shoulder, left knee, left ankle and foot. His neck was painful.

The medical evidence was that the physical injuries were resolved within two months. The claimant suffered some initial shock when cycling and did not ride his bicycle for two weeks. He was off work for about three days, returned on light duties for two days and was then off for a week. He said he no longer enjoyed cycling as a recreational activity.

He used to cycle with his daughter but stopped doing after the accident. His youngest daughter was autistic and he was not able to look after her while he was injured and as a result her routine was disrupted, which caused a lot of distress. Other activities like swimming, ten pin bowling and going for walks were restricted for a short time.

The Judge awarded general damages of £1,500 plus £439.33 specials plus interest totalling £208.18.

Sanderson -v- Hibbert. Central London County Court