The claimant, a 16-year-old boy (23 by the date of settlement), was injured in a road traffic accident while a passenger in a car that struck a wall and a lamppost. The claimant suffered significant injuries, including multiple skull fractures. He developed epilepsy and had a risk of further seizures.

He suffered from anger, depression and confusion. He attempted to return to his pre-accident job as a trainee carpet fitter but was unable to continue. He had had some pre-accident learning difficulties and other health issues and the defendants sought to argue that his ongoing problems with employment were related to his pre-accident problems. There was an agreed 14-year reduction in his life expectancy.

The case was settled for a lump sum based on a gross valuation of £1,266,667 (reduced by 25 per cent to £950,000 for contributory negligence because he had not been wearing a seat belt). This included general damages of £92,000.

M (by his litigation friend) -v- A.