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Personal Injury Law Review Winter / Spring 2007

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Contributory negligence [Other News]

Contributory negligence is when defendants claim that the victim was partially responsible for their own injury, and ask the Judge to split the blame between them and the injured party

Controlling asbestos [New Legislation]

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 came into force on 13 November 2006. The revised regulations strengthen overall worker protection by reducing exposure limits and introducing mandatory training for work with asbestos.

Corporate manslaughter [New Legislation]

The Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Bill received its third reading in the House of Commons in December. Mick Antoniw, a Thompsons partner, explains what this will mean.

Mesothelioma claims in the spotlight [Practice and Procedure]

The current system for compensating mesothelioma victims is inherently unfair, with the outcome subject to a number of vagaries, including whether the victim was exposed to asbestos during the course of their employment or whether their exposure was from the contaminated clothing of a relative says Thompsons' national head of asbestos litigation Ian McFall.

Negligence [Other News]

For a claim of negligence to succeed against an employer, claimants have to be able to show (among other things) that their employer did (or did not do) something that caused the injury or disease.

Slipping when gritting [Other News]

It’s that time of year when there’s a lot of snow and ice on roads and pavements. What happens when employees slip, fall and hurt themselves at work?