On 15th November 2005, Frederick Moses died when he fell approximately 15 feet through an opening in the floor of the warehouse where he worked.

An inquest into his death which occurred at Bulldog Products, a pet food company in Southport continues next week (3rd July 2006) at Bootle Town Hall in an attempt to discover exactly how the accident at work happened.

Was the accident preventable?

Mr Moses’ daughter, Gail who lives in Ormskirk, Lancashire, said "I've got a great many questions about what happened that day, but I particularly want to know why my father was working where there was such a big opening in the floor. I want to know what his employers had done to prevent anyone falling through it."

Frederick Moses was only 62 when he died in Hospital of multiple injuries sustained as a result of the fall and both his daughter and his Solicitor say answers are urgently needed about the circumstances of the accident.

Gail Moses and Matthew Tollitt of Thompsons Solicitors are pressing for all the facts to be heard at the inquest and for a full range of verdicts to be put by the Coroner to the jury.

Matthew Tollitt said "An accident like this ought to have been preventable. It's vital that the facts of what happened come out in the inquest so that we can pursue the case further in the best interests of Mr Moses' devastated family, and in the hope that accidents can be prevented in future."

Accidents at Work

According to statistics from the Health & Safety Executive, the North West of England, where Frederick died has the highest number of serious workplace injuries in the United Kingdom. Trade Unions and lawyers, including Thompsons have already called for tougher corporate manslaughter laws and are continuing with their campaign. They want to make it easier to prosecute companies whose employees are killed in workplace accidents caused by health and safety breaches.

The Centre for Corporate Accountability (CCA), the charity which promotes worker and public safety, referred the case of Frederick Moses to Thompsons.

Maninder Jalaf, a caseworker at the CCA said: "Tragic incidents like these should never happen if managers ensured safe working conditions. We hope that the full facts come out of the inquest, so that the right decisions can be made as to the company's accountability for this death."


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