Insurance company AXA today issued a press release entitled "One in ten employees injured at work ".  

Responding to the findings, Tom Jones, a partner with Thompsons Solicitors, the country’s most experienced personal injury practice, said: "The insurance industry has been complaining for years about the costs of paying compensation to injured people. Thompsons and the trade unions have always said that one sure way to reduce costs is to reduce workplace accidents. Insurance premiums for employers should be linked to their health and safety records. It is to be hoped that AXA's new found enthusiasm for the welfare of workers is contagious throughout the insurance industry".

"Employers have a duty of care to ensure that accidents are prevented, but many flout their responsibilities and are willing to fight to protect their financial interests over and above the rights and welfare of their staff. We couldn’t agree more with AXA’s comment that stringent health and safety procedures should be in place."

"In its press release, AXA says that it is shocked at the number of work-related injuries sustained by employees which are the result of physical assault by customers and colleagues. We see thousands of claims every year where workers have been injured at work through a criminal act. Employers have statutory duties and yet pay lip service to it and leave frontline staff to fend for themselves. That's why we are campaigning with the unions against Home Office proposals to remove workers from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme".

"The scale of the problem is alarming which is why employees should join a trade union to receive the best protection."