Thompsons Solicitors, the UK's leading personal injury law firm and specialist in military injury compensation claims today welcomed the Ministry of Defence announcement of more money for injured troops, but called for further action.

Andrew McDonald, who represents soldiers injured in the course of duty, said:

"The change to the MoD compensation scheme is welcome. Paying compensation for all injuries and not just the three most serious is a much fairer application of the scheme. It is reassuring that the government has listened to the concerns expressed by members of the Armed Forces, their families and those campaigning for change. It is also reassuring that the government will continue to explore other measures to assist members of the Armed Forces.

"The case of Ben Parkinson, who received just £152,150 brought into sharp focus the value we, as a society, place on the commitment and sacrifice of the members of our armed forces.

"Had he been the innocent victim of a road traffic accident, the legal process in the UK would have made sure that there were sufficient funds, millions if necessary, to provide him with the specially adapted accommodation and all the care that he is going to need for the rest of his life.

"The £285,000 maximum payout that Ben Parkinson will now receive is clearly still far less than he would receive in a civil compensation claim, and so it is reassuring that the government has said it will continue to explore other measures to assist injured Armed Forces members. Ultimately they should be on the same footing as any bus driver, teacher, engineer, gardener or nurse who, in civilian life, might sustain such terrible injuries through no fault of their own."

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