A trainee doctor who was exposed to dangerous levels of chlorine at the Hilton Hotel while working in a part time job has received £1,000 in compensation.

Stephen Barratt, 28, from Sheffield received the damages after he suffered from a burnt larynx when working as a deputy gym manager at the LivingWell Health Club, part of the Hilton in Sheffield.

The Hilton denied liability for his exposure, but settled the claim out of court.

Stephen said he was exposed to chlorine which had leaked from a pipe in the pool’s plant. The chlorine burnt his larynx leaving him unable to talk properly for two days. He also found it difficult to breathe for several days and suffered from a cough for almost two weeks.

He said the accident left him unable to fully concentrate on his studies for four weeks.

Decided to claim compensation to make sure the leak was fixed

Stephen had taken on the part time job to help fund his studies at the University of Sheffield. He said he decided to claim compensation to make sure the hotel tightened up its health and safety procedures.

He said: “Studying as a trainee doctor I know just how dangerous exposure to chlorine can be. I am lucky that my symptoms were fairly mild. However they still had an impact on my studies because I was struggling to talk and breathe.

“I decided to claim compensation because I wanted to make sure the leak was fixed. The money will go a long way to help me with my studies.”

Teresa Marriott from Thompsons Solicitors said: “Mr Barratt was exposed to dangerous levels of chlorine whilst at work and as a result his health and studies have suffered. Additionally by bringing this claim he has been successful in highlighting some real health and safety concerns at the Hilton.”