Elsie Hammond, formerly of Hartlepool, but now living in Lincolnshire, is looking for people who worked with her husband, Bryan, at Darlington Insulation, John T Schofield & Sons, Cork Insulation and Joseph Nadins, all based in the Teesside area.

The companies were asbestos insulation contractors working in ships and public buildings and employees would travel the country for work.

Mr Hammond, 73, died in February 2006 from asbestos-related lung cancer.

He worked as a lagger for Newalls Insulation from the age of 14 until 1958. At Newalls he worked on board ships at yards in Middlesbrough and Hartlepool fireproofing them with asbestos.

He later went on to work as a lagger for Darlington Insulation Company from 1958 to 1962 and then worked for John T Schofield & Sons from 1962 to 1963.

He then worked as a lagger for Cork Insulation & Asbestos Company from 1963 to 1964 and for Joseph Nadin in 1964 to 1965. Later that year the couple moved from the area.

Exposed to asbestos

Mrs Hammond said her husband was always a fit and active man but his condition deteriorated in August 2005 and he was admitted to hospital in January 2006.

She said: "Bryan was an active man who always tried to keep himself busy.  He used to love going to local auctions and buying engines or machines which he would do up and sell.  Between August 2005 and Christmas 2005 he became ill and lost the enthusiasm for his hobby".

"Prior to this time he was very fit for his age and would always help with the decorating and DIY around the home.  Although the garden was my area, Bryan would help out by cutting the lawns."

She added that the couple had not keep a complete record of where Mr Hammond had worked and what his work had involved as they never thought he would become ill with an asbestos related condition.

She said: "If anyone can remember working with Bryan please contact Thompsons Solicitors. Any information you may have will help me to obtain closure by proving who was to blame for Bryan’s death."

Mrs Hammond’s solicitor, Tony Hood added: "It is important we build up a picture of Mr Hammond’s working life so we can establish the details of where and when he was exposed to asbestos".

"We need the help of local people to secure justice for the Hammond family".

"If anyone worked with Mr Hammond or can recall working for the same companies on similar jobs I would be very grateful to hear from them."

Anyone who has any information should contact Tony Hood on 0191 269 0488.