A cancer sufferer who believes she was exposed to asbestos as a teenager at school is calling for information from her former classmates and teachers.

Susan Langthorp, 57, originally from Beverly was diagnosed with asbestos cancer mesothelioma in December 2009 after she went to the doctor suffering from breathlessness.

She has been told there is no cure for the disease, which is caused by exposure to asbestos.

Mrs Langthorp, a writer, who now lives in Athens, Greece, instructed asbestos compensation specialists, Thompsons Solicitors, to investigate a claim

Did you attend Beverly High School for Girls in Norwood, Beverly?

Thompsons would like to talk to anyone who attended Beverly High School for Girls in Norwood, Beverly where Mrs Langthorp was a pupil between 1964 and 1971.

During her time at the school pupils were taught in a number of prefabricated classrooms. Thompsons would like to hear from former pupils or staff who were at the school during that time.

Mrs Langthorp, who has two children, has undergone surgery and has received radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

She said: “When I was told I was suffering from an asbestos related disease I was numb. At first I couldn’t think where I might have come into contact with asbestos as I’ve never worked in industry. I remembered the prefabricated buildings at school which may have contained asbestos.

“I feel angry that I’ve developed this disease through no fault of my own. I don’t know what my future holds but I fear I won’t see my children married or their grandchildren.”

Exposure to asbestos in public sector buildings, including schools

Tim Hayward from Thompsons Solicitors said: “We are trying to build up a picture of Mrs Langthorp’s exposure to asbestos and are looking at a number of different avenues of enquiry. We would like to speak to anyone who worked at or attended Beverly High School between 1964 and 1971.

“Mesothelioma has traditionally been associated with men who worked in manufacturing or heavy industry. We are seeing more people developing the disease who do not fit this stereotype. An increasing number of people are reporting exposure to asbestos in public sector buildings, including schools. Many premises built or refurbished before the 1980’s still contain asbestos."

Anyone who has any information about Beverly High School for Girls from 1964 to 1971 should contact Tim Hayward on 08000 224 224.