A five year freeze on thousands of compensation claims for asbestos victims throughout the UK has been lifted today (11 October 2006).

Former workers for asbestos manufacturer Turner and Newall will now be able to restart their claims for exposure to the deadly dust.

Branches of Thompsons Solicitors throughout the country are now working to ensure that hundreds of claimants who worked for Turner and Newall will receive their compensation soon.

The workers, some of whom now suffer from mesothelioma, were exposed to deadly levels of asbestos every day during their working life at factories and plants throughout the country. Over 100 former Turner & Newall and Newalls Insulation employees have died while waiting more than five years for their cash.

The claims were frozen in 2001 after Turner and Newall’s parent company Federal Mogul went into administration.

Since then claimants and their families have been waiting for administrators to battle out an agreement with Federal Mogul’s insurers.

Asbestos victims can now claim compensation

Just last month claimants voted in favour of a compensation settlement by the company’s administrators.

Part of that deal, which will see claimants who worked for Turner and Newall after1969 share a cash pot of £36m, was approved by the High Court of Justice on Friday, October 6.

Employees and their families who worked for Turner and Newall prior to 1969 will share compensation worth £33m.

Both schemes are now ready to start receiving claims from victims’ lawyers.

Ian McFall, National Head of Asbestos Litigation at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “This is the final hurdle in what has been a five year battle to gain compensation for asbestos victims.

“We will be working hard to ensure claimants receive their compensation as soon as possible.”