A former office worker from Llanelli is urging her former colleagues at Parker Brothers to come forward to help her with a compensation claim, after being diagnosed with an asbestos disease.

Gayna Davies, 82, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in December 2021 after suffering with breathlessness.

She worked at the Llanelli-based construction company between 1956 and 1969 in an office-based role. Ms Davies believes she was likely exposed to asbestos dust which was present on the clothes of her colleagues, who would visit her office regularly, as well as when travelling with colleagues in company-owned vehicles.

Ms Davies is now hoping her former colleagues can come forward and provide information on the types of products being used on site by her employer.

Gayna Davies around the time she worked at Parker's
Gayna Davies around the time she worked at Parker's

Ms Davies said: “Being diagnosed with mesothelioma has had an incredibly debilitating effect on my health. What were once simple tasks, like walking upstairs or going for short walks outside, now leave me breathless.

“I also have a feeling of being unable to clear my throat, and so I avoid a lot of food which I'm frightened will make this worse. I have lost my appetite, only being able to eat small amounts of food at any one time.

“I have agreed to take part in a mesothelioma trial in the hope of new information on how to treat the disease, which might help others in the future, but I want to understand how I came to develop this illness in the first place.

“I would be very grateful if any of my former colleagues can come forward with any information about asbestos use on Parker Bros contracts.”

According to data from the Health and Safety Executive, annual mesothelioma deaths in Britain increased steeply over the last 50 years, a consequence of mainly occupational asbestos exposures that occurred because of the widespread industrial use of asbestos during 1950-1980.

Thompsons Solicitors, which owns J.M Parsons, has paved the way for asbestos litigation in the UK ever since it brought about the first successful asbestos disease claim to the House of Lords in 1972, 50 years ago.

Amanda Jones, of J.M. Parsons, said: “We would be grateful to hear from anyone who was employed by Parker Brothers while Gayna worked there or indeed after her period employment.

“Locating such individuals will be invaluable to Gayna as they may be able to assist in providing important information in building a civil claim on Gayna’s behalf and enabling her to finally get some answers.”

Anyone with information should contact Amanda Jones at J.M. Parsons and Co Solicitors on 01554 779940, or via email at amanda@jmplaw.co.uk.