Thompsons Solicitors has been successful in finalising a compensation claim for a mesothelioma sufferer in just five months.

Thompsons secured £181,000 in compensation for the 64-year-old after he was diagnosed with the fatal asbestos-related cancer of the lining of the lungs in March 2009.

The former operations manager was exposed to asbestos during the 1960s while working for Brightside Heating & Engineering, now known as Carillion (Singapore) Ltd, as a fitter’s mate installing pipes in a building constructed for Westminster University in central London.

Following his diagnosis he contacted Thompsons Solicitors for advice about making a claim.

There is no cure for mesothelioma and many sufferers die within months of diagnosis. He was motivated to seek compensation to pay for alternative medical treatment.

Thompsons getting me this compensation so quickly is a blessing

Thompsons pursued the claim through the Royal Court of Justice mesothelioma fast track system and reached an out of court settlement with Carillion.

Thompsons Solicitors have a policy of striving to conclude all mesothelioma compensation cases in the shortest time possible, while securing the highest amount of damages for the client.

The client said: “I want to fight this disease. I know chemotherapy is available to me on the NHS which may extend my life by a few months but could make me feel worse than I already do. The family are refusing to give in and have been spending hours researching alternative treatments which may be available here and abroad.

“Thompsons getting me this compensation so quickly is a blessing. The money means I can pay for private treatment abroad if I choose to.”

Helen Jones from Thompsons Solicitors added: “This case shows how important it is for some mesothelioma sufferers to have the case concluded within their lifetime. By achieving a successful settlement our client now has the means to pay for alternative medical treatment if he chooses to.