The family of a former electrician who died from asbestos-related disease has received substantial mesothelioma compensation with the help of Thompsons Solicitors.

Henry Smith died aged 85 in 2014 from the fatal lung cancer, mesothelioma.

Henry spent most of his career working for an electrical company in Coventry from 1949 to 1992. During the first 16 years of his employment Henry primarily worked onsite at a number of car factories alongside staff that handled asbestos.

Henry worked for the company until his retirement in 1992 and didn’t experience problems with his health until 12 years later when he started to suffer pain in his shoulder. After consultations with his doctor, he was sent for an x-ray and had fluid drained from his lungs.

Tests confirmed that he was suffering from the incurable asbestos-related disease, mesothelioma.

Following his diagnosis, Henry instructed asbestos disease specialists, Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim.

During Thompsons’ investigations, Henry died but his family continued with his claim to hold the negligent employer to account.

Henry’s son, Mike, said: “My father dedicated his working career to this company so to think that it is now responsible for his death is so upsetting.

“He was a fit and healthy man into his 80s, helping out with electrical and craft work for projects in local schools and churches after retirement, but within months of diagnosis he wasn’t even able to leave his house.

“It has been such a traumatic time for our family, we’ve been devastated by dad’s death but we really cannot praise Thompsons Solicitors enough for the support we’ve had throughout the legal claim. It makes things easier knowing that my mother is financially stable as she comes to terms with our loss.”

Steve Fitzwalter, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Mesothelioma is an extremely cruel and aggressive disease.

“Henry unfortunately lost his life before his case had settled, but by instructing Thompsons promptly after diagnosis it meant that we could meet with him to get a very detailed description of his work history to start the claim.

“Working alongside trade unions and victims groups, we use our decades of experience in representing clients affected by asbestos disease to provide compassionate support to them and their families at this particularly sensitive time of need."